Try to stay calm, it can be scary to be facing this all the time but we will get through this with friends and family standing by our side!

Wall of Hope

Each year, Teen Conference participants collaborate on the “Wall of Hope” by writing an inspiring message.

This year, the theme is UPLIFT.


After a year of much uncertainty, it is more important than ever to take good care of your mental health. We want to remind you that your mental health is a priority, and that you are enough, despite the difficulties you may have faced this year.


We invite you to share your positive thoughts and affirmations in hope that they will help uplift our spirits during a time we need it the most. Click below to share your own uplifting thoughts and images. 

Sponsored by the Long Branch High School Youth Advisory Board.

The items highlighted in yellow on the Wall of Hope were contributed by Long Branch students.

Beauty of Flight

You have the power to create change

Stay positive by trying to learn new things that you've wanted to do but haven't had the chance like embroidery or cooking 

Focus on positive things in life such as health and family

Quarantine is temporary, staying hopeful over something is infinite

You are perfect exactly as you are

You are brave, bold and beautiful

You are designed for greatness

You light up a room with your presence whether you know it or not

You are a powerhouse, you are indestructible

You are capable of so much

Focus on the positive - maybe do some fun things at home with family

You are doing the best you can, be nice to yourself

You are enough

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear

You radiate beauty, charm, and grace

The challenges you face will help you grow

You are allowed to take up space

Your potential for success is limitless

You are worthy of good things

You bring to this world things no one else can