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Try to stay calm, it can be scary to be facing this all the time but we will get through this with friends and family standing by our side!

Wall of Hope

2022 marked our 20th Annual Teen Conference! Year after year, participants share an inspiring message on our "Wall of Hope." We've experienced much uncertainty, and despite the challenges we may have faced, hope is on the horizon. So, we want you to add to our Wall of Hope by answering this question:

"If you were to go back in time before the pandemic started, what words of hope for the future would you give to your former self?"


We invite you to share your answers to this question so we may look forward to more hope and positivity in the near future.

The below submissions are from students at the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic County.

Empty Road_edited.jpg

It’s going to be hard, but there are people that love you. And that you’ll be okay. Brighter days are coming.

Things are going to change. Just remember there’s always a new day.

Just be yourself and love who you already are - don't cut your hair out of boredom from staying inside the house all day! The pandemic taught me a lot but I overcame the impossible.

Save your money!!!

Life gets hard but it will work out. Just keep your head up.

Stay calm through the mess. Stay away from certain people to avoid negativity. Be patient and have faith that everything will be ok!

Always keep your mask on. Try your best to stay healthy.

Look, stick to school. You’re going to go through a lot, you just need to keep your head high. Save your money. You’ll need it. Also when you hit those lows, write down how you feel. You can talk to people. Also, mom will be willing to listen. You aren’t alone. You are loved.

I would tell myself to stay out the way and focus on basketball and school.

Everything is going to be alright.

Save as much money as possible - it’s gonna be a long time. And work out a lil.

Invest in face masks!

Keep your head up. Stay motivated.

Be more confident and smile more. Dress how you wanna dress, don’t let nobody tell you otherwise.

Stay calm, cool, and collected. Stay positive. Stay safe and healthy. Have strong faith. Encourage yourself and believe that things are going to get better. You can do anything you put your mind to, regardless of the situation.

Take every check, dollar, and loose change and save it. And take one thing at a time.


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