Zines for Self Care
By Ruth

A zine (pronounced zeen) is a self-published, non-commercial print work that allows individuals a new alternative avenue for self-expression, reflection, storytelling, or creating awareness for a cause. Zines have been around for a long time and are considered underground art. Zine making is fun, easy and low cost. Gather your ideas, scissors, paper, and markers because we’re learning how to create a self care zine. 

Voices of Strength, Resilience & Courage
Visions of Lives Free from Domestic Violence
A Ten Year Retrospective of Creativity and Strength
Courtesy of 180 Turning Lives Around

Voices and Visions is a survivor and supporter multimedia presentation of music, spoken word and art. Created by 180's Amanda's Easel Creative Arts Therapies Program for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.